Teleki Education Center

The Teleki Education Center (TEC) was purchased in 1994 by the Hungarian Teacher's Association of Romania (HTAR) with aid from the Illyes Foundation of Hungary and Hungarian Electric Company. Its mission was to establish an independent center where teachers in Romania can be better trained by professional educators.
The TEC trains teachers with new educational methods often overlooked by the former educational system. Both qualified and unqualified teachers within this region regularly attend seminars and classes at the center to continue their education. The center invites teachers from the primary level of education at kindergarten through to the graduating year of high school. Teachers attending the center seminars are brought from a wide range of subject material including, but not limited to, mathematics, sciences, history, languages and literatures, and the fine arts.
Every year the TEC organizes and facilitates training for teachers and hosts the annual Bolyai Summer Academy. This is a month long series of short courses for qualified teachers to improve their specialized skills. The courses range from English language improvement to methodologies in civic education to subjects in the sciences. Traditionally organized in July, the academy caters to one thousand teachers drawn from all over Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, and Serbia.
The TEC acts as a cultural center for the community. Local Transylvanian artists and photographers regularly find their work on exhibit within the walls of our establishment, thus providing a place for community members to appreciate the fine arts.
The TEC works with numerous humanitarian aid organizations. The center regularly hosts a gathering for a school for the deaf that comes here from neighboring cities in Transylvania. Retired teachers with low pensions seeking medical treatment in Sovata are regularly housed in the building.
The TEC has a large and a small conference hall and library. The building can accommodate 108 persons per night, providing 3 cooked meals per day prepared by the kitchen staff. The building offers lodging facilities for traveling guests as well as to other organizations working in relation to TEC activities in Romania.
Teleki today seeks to work with other organizations involved in the educational and humanitarian arenas and welcomes inquiries or support of any kind.

Teleki Education Center - Jenna Heffernan

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